What supplies are used to maintain the City’s water and wastewater systems?

The City uses chlorine and ammonia to disinfect the groundwater pumped from the five wells.  The groundwater is blended with the surface water purchased from the UTRWD (who also treats with chlorine and ammonia).   The age of the water distribution and wastewater collections systems varies throughout the City.  We take a proactive approach to maintenance/replacement of the infrastructure; inevitably there are failures in the system that requires licensed staff to repair.  The Utility Division has a fleet of service trucks and heavy equipment that the employees utilize to operate, maintain and repair the infrastructure.  The City’s Utility Division keeps a stock of repair parts on hand so maintenance and repairs can be made quickly and efficiently to keep the system fully operational 24/7/365 with limited interruptions.  After a repair is made, the area is restored to as good or better condition.  The Utility Division keeps stock piles of materials on hand to restore the roads, sidewalks and yards.

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6. What supplies are used to maintain the City’s water and wastewater systems?
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