How are residents notified of public hearings?

The City Charter requires Council to declare an official newspaper for the City as prescribed by law. Per state law, the governing body shall publish in the municipality’s official newspaper ordinances, public hearing notices, or other matters required by law or ordinance to be published. In designating an official newspaper, the Texas Government Code specifies certain criteria must be met. The newspaper must: •Devote not less than 25% of its total column lineage to general interest items; •Be published at least once each week; •Be entered as 2nd class postal matter in the county where published; and •Have been published regularly and continuously for at least 12 months before the governmental entity or representative publishes notice. The Denton Record-Chronicle is a publication that meets the above requirements, and per Resolution 2007-1967, was designated as the official newspaper for the City of Highland Village.

Additionally, citizens can sign up to receive email notifications when public hearing notices are posted to the City website. Those interested in receiving notice of public meetings along with the agenda for the meeting should select the Public Meeting list.

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