Does the City ever spray for mosquitoes?
Spraying or adulticide isn’t the first line of defense against mosquitoes in Highland Village, because for a number of years now, health authorities have concurred it is a less effective means of protection against mosquito-borne illness. However, if the problem does progress and there is a need for mitigation beyond surveillance and larvacide, the City of Highland Village is prepared to move ahead with a spraying plan.

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines, which specify mosquito spraying is most effective when it is targeted and strategic in nature, the City may consider spraying in an area which meets the following criteria:
• A cluster of human West Nile Virus cases and,
• Positive West Nile Virus mosquito sampling in a targeted area
• Concurrent larvacide treatment

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3. Does the City ever spray for mosquitoes?
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