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Communication is very important to the City of Highland Village. Each week, I will provide you departmental updates on projects, events and accomplishments. Please stop by and take a minute to become informed on what is happening in your city.

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May 25

City Manager's Weekly Update

Posted on May 25, 2020 at 7:46 AM by Laurie Mullens

Current status of our ninth week under a Disaster Declaration dealing with COVID-19.

Our doors are open, we have held three City meetings in person, City Council, Planning & Zoning and Park Board the Governor on Monday issued new orders in the continuation of opening Texas and we started construction of Kids Kastle!

Let’s start with the building of Kids Kastle. Unity Park has and is a destination place in Highland Village, Kids Kastle over the last 20 years has created so many memories for our families. When Governor Abbott issued his “Open Texas” plan, we were able to arrange for Play by Design to be here and to start construction on Phase 1 as City staff build with no volunteers. We were all disappointed that the community build has been delayed but on the other hand the work that has been done this week by City employees is unbelievable. The talent in this organization is fantastic, the skills, dedication, and commitment by our front line employees is awesome to see, I cannot say thank you enough to each and every one of you, for the work that you have done this week in the construction of the new Kids Kastle.

Our goal was to have all the verticals up and all deck platforms screwed in place to secure the structural integrity of the playground, (Achieved and more!). A small crew of City staff will continue working after May 21 to prepare the site for a community build once all restrictions are lifted and it’s safe. We know our families are ready to be part of the construction of Kids Kastle and new memories and enjoyment at Kids Kastle playground will soon be here again. We will keep you posted on the progress and hope to be building with everyone soon!

So where do we stand with COVID-19 in Highland Village and in Denton County? For the City of Highland Village, we have (14) residents that have tested positive for COVID-19 and we now have eleven (12) residents with a total recovery, two (2) positive residents are under quarantine. The attached link cases is the factual data, provided by Denton County Public Health Department. On May 20th Denton County Health Department reported 42 new cases of COVID-19, which is the second-highest number of reported cases since March 25th. But we are now testing so much more, the week of May 10 – 16 Denton County Public Health Department had over 3,100 negative tests with 137 positive for COVID-19. So the takeaway message is COVID-19 is still in our communities and our diligence is still needed in our social distancing.

Congratulations to all our family members with their academic achievements this graduation season, the last nine weeks of this school year is one for the books. This upcoming Memorial Day weekend won’t be our typical holiday weekend for many of us, but please don’t forget the real purpose of Memorial Day. To remember American military personnel who have died in all wars, including World War I and II, The Vietnam War, The Korean War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our war on Terrorism. Have a great extended weekend and be safe!

“We do have the ability to positively impact someone’s life each and every day!” Thank you, ML

Marketing & Communication
Topics Shared on Social Media:
  • Public Works Appreciation Week
  • Announcement of city offices open
  • Reminder of Denton County’s Open Business Grant Program deadline
  • 2 Curbside Heroes including: Rosa’s Cafe and Barnes & Noble
  • Governor Abbot’s Phase 2 announcement
  • Parks & Rec Services Reopening Update flyer
  • Census 2020 reminder
  • May is Bike Month
 PARD_ReOpening Updates_V4 CM Report
On Wednesday, Jessica Brinkley and Laurie Mullens participated in a call with the Flower Mound and Lewisville Area Chambers of Commerce to discuss the July Unity luncheon honoring our local nonprofits.

To keep the community informed and engaged with the Kids Kastle build, we posted information about Phase 1 construction as a news release on the City website, in a newsletter on, and in an email to the volunteers who had signed up for the build. A big thank you to GuyT for taking photos for us. You can view photos of the build here.

This week, the fire department personnel attended EMS Continuing Education classes that covered Obstetrics. These classes are taught by Lead II Excellence and keep our crews current on the latest techniques, developments, skills and new technology in emergency medicine.

Chief Thomson has been assisting with COVID-19 screenings at the Kids Kastle build. All workers have had their temperatures taken each morning before beginning construction.

Chief Thomson also continues to keep updated on COVID-19 information through virtual meetings with local, State and Federal entities. All relevant information is then passed on through our City website and social media accounts.

On Wednesday, C-Shift was dispatched to a gas leak on Highland Village Road. Atmos was contacted and the Fire Department set up a hot zone by laying protection lines until the leak had been repaired. The Police and Streets Department placed barricades closing the road between Nowlin and Canyon Creek in both directions for several hours. Residents were asked to shelter in place with doors and windows closed until the situation was remedied. Shortly after clearing that call, C-Shift was again dispatched for a gas leak in the 1400 block of Highland Village Road. This leak was to a feeder line and Atmos was able to dig a hole upstream from the leak and pinch off the line. Both leaks were due to construction in those areas.

A-Shift provided a “Ride Home on the Engine” for Briarhill Middle School’s principal, Chris Mattingly. Mr. Mattingly is retiring after 26 years of service in LISD, 13 of which were at Briarhill. Good luck and enjoy your retirement!

Assistant Chief Collier completed two fire plan reviews this week.
The Fire Department had the following Calls for Service for the week:
Fire_Calls for Service

Public Works 
Public Works staff met with several residents regarding drainage issues, creek erosion, easements and street repairs.

Work is continuing on the Tequesta project. They completed all of the concrete work this week. They are busy raising meter boxes, grading lots and building retaining walls and sidewalks.

The Public Works Service Center was re-opened to the public this week with “social distancing” requirements.
Public Works staff met with TXDOT and county officials to discuss various topics.

Public Works staff met with BW2 consulting engineer to discuss current projects and look at some future projects.

Drainage Division:
  • Met with the residents in 200 block of Merriman on water coming from the neighbors
  • Met with the residents in the 3400 block of Brighton Court on water in the drainage easement.
Public Works_Brighton Court
  • Met with the residents in the 3400 block of Brighton Court on water in the drainage easement.
Public Works_Nowlin
  • Assisted the parks department on building the Kids Castle playground.
  • Met with the residents in the 900 block of Shadow Ridge on water in the drainage easement
  • Removed the blockages and opened the fence for proper flow in the 3200 block of Newhaven Dr.  
Public Works_ Newhaven
Streets Division:
  • Replaced damaged sidewalk at 2825 Spring Oaks Dr.
 Public Works_spring oaks 4
  • Trimmed tree branches obstructing the sight of traffic in various locations.
Public Works_ tree trimming
  • Assisted Parks Department with Kids Kastle Build. 
Public Works_Kids Kastle2
  • Crack sealing various locations throughout the city.
 Public Works_crack sealing
  •  Reinstalled stop sign and street name blades at Buckingham Ln and Sherwood Ln.
 Utility Division:
  •  Removed a water pump at Southwood Well Lot and delivered to Pierce Pumps for repairs.
 Public Works_pump
  •  Prime Controls performed annual preventive maintenance work, tank level calibrations, and telemetry maintenance at lift stations and well lots.
 Public Works_Prime Controls
  • Performed monthly grease trap inspections as a TCEQ mandated program.
  • Replaced several water meters not reporting by the automated metering system.
  • Located 1 area of water and wastewater infrastructure for contractors performing underground boring and excavations.
  • Performed customer service inspections on several commercial businesses.
  • Performed nitrification and bacteriological sampling as mandated by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.
  • Assisted the Drainage section repairing a storm drain pipe on Highland Village Road.
  • Performed meter rereads, water turn on/turn offs, and leak checks.
  • Performed maintenance on well lots, lift stations, fire hydrants, and the water distribution and wastewater collection system.
 Maintenance Division:
  •  Performed nine preventative maintenance / equipment services
 Public Works_service
  • Two state inspections
  • Two battery replaced
  • Seventeen vehicle registration renewals
  • Three tires replaced
  • Replaced front struts
Code Enforcement:
  • Officer Beasley opened 22 new cases and closed 28.
  • Continue to monitor rights of way for bandit signage.
Public Works_Graph 1
                 Public Works_Graph 2
Building Permits:
  • Plans reviewed – 29
  • Permits issued to contractors/homeowners – 15
  • Permit applications submitted – 29

Business Updates
  • Jazzercise, 2230 Justin Rd. STE. 240 (CO issued) located in the Painted Tree Shopping Center
 Parks and Recreation
Parks Division:
As of Monday, May 18, the city administrative buildings were opened for business. You are now able to buy boat ramp passes, make reservations, etc. in person at the Robert and Lee DuVall Center located at 948B Highland Village Rd. Please abide by the social distancing guidelines when visiting city facilities.

Parks and Recreation staff would like to remind everyone to practice safe boating and abide by all boating regulations while enjoying your time with your family on Lake Lewisville this Memorial Day weekend.

The following city owned facilities continue to be open to the public. Please ensure that all CDC guidelines are followed when visiting these amenities.
  • Playgrounds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Public Restrooms
  • K-9 Kastle Dog Park
  • Pilot Knoll Park Boat Ramp
  • Copperas Branch Park Boat Ramp
  • Athletic Fields (Only in groups of four)
  • Highland Village Road Boathouse Parking Lot

As of now, the following city owned facilities continue to be closed within the park and trail system:
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Splash Pad at Doubletree Ranch Park

This week, staff performed the following tasks:
  • All staff continue to perform routine maintenance tasks throughout the entire park system.
  • Phase I of the build began on Monday at 7:00 a.m. and ended on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Parks and Public Works staff along with four consultants from Play by Design worked side by side to accomplish building the foundation of what is going to be an amazing place for our community to enjoy for years to come!
Parks_Kids Kastle Pic 1

Parks_Kids Kastle Pic 2
Parks & Recreation Capital Improvement Projects

PFC Aaron M. Hudson Memorial Bridge Dedication Project
Staff continue to install the infrastructure at the PFC Aaron M. Hudson Memorial Bridge that is located at Doubletree Ranch Park.

Kids Kastle Rebuild Project
Phase 2 is planned to continue as a community build project in late summer or fall of 2020, depending on the state of COVID-19. This proposal keeps the project within the current budget and allows the community to take part in the build.

Unity Park Plaza Project (Kids Kastle Area)
This week, Cole Construction has completed the installation of the decking between the pavilion and Kids Kastle playground. Next, they will begin working on fine grading and installing the lueders stone benches that are adjacent to the pavilion and newly installed decking.

Copperas Branch Park Master Plan
The approval of this plan is on hold until further notice and when staff may resume regular council meetings.

Sunset Point Park
The ADA walkthrough performed by an independent Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) this week resulted in only one note which stated to update the handicap parking sign. All of the grades, parking spaces and accesses met all of the ADA requirements. Once the sign is updated, this project may be closed out.

Victoria Park Sidewalk Improvements Project
BW2 Engineers continues the process of updating the plans according to review notes provided by staff.
Recreation Division:
 Recreation staff, Andra, Bree, and Luke assisted with Phase I of the Kids Kastle build.
 Recreation_Andra  Recreation_Bree Recreation_Luke
The Highland Village Kids Kamp has transitioned into an all-day kamp for 4 weeks this summer!

Each participant will receive a free t-shirt and additional t-shirts can be purchased for $15 each. Our kamps are scheduled weekly so you can customize your summer activities.

Kamp starts July 6 and ends July 31. (4 Weeks)

Please be sure and send a lunch with your child. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided by the City of Highland Village. If your child has any special food requirements, please send appropriate snacks.
Registration is the only form of reservation. For more information and registration please visit: or call the Parks and Recreation Department at 972-317-7430.
Recreation_The star pic 1
All-Day Kamp

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
*Drop off begins at 7:30 a.m. every morning.

Cost: $170 - Resident
$185 - Non-Resident

We will only be accepting all-day registration for kamp.

Age: 6-12 years of age

Location: Highland Village Elementary
301 Brazos Blvd.
Highland Village, TX 75077

The Movie in the Park schedule on Friday, May 22 has been canceled.
Human Resources
Kerry Conrad participated in a virtual career fair.

We posted the City Manager position this week. We are accepting qualified applications through June 19 at 5:00 p.m.