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Communication is very important to the City of Highland Village. Each week, I will provide you departmental updates on projects, events and accomplishments. Please stop by and take a minute to become informed on what is happening in your city.

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Jan 28

City Manager's Weekly Update

Posted on January 28, 2019 at 10:19 AM by Crystal Babcock

This week, the DCTA board voted to approve the proposed DCTA amendments with a vote of nine for and three abstaining. Also at the meeting, our Highland Village representative, Dianne Costa, was elected Vice Chair. We have the utmost faith that she will continue to represent us well. 
Business Updates
Now Open
Realms of Arcadia is now open at 1842 Justin Road by Dogtopia and Float Away Spa. Realms of Arcadia is a family friendly retro arcade and tabletop gaming lounge.

Certificates of Occupancy Issued
  • A’la Sweet, a bakery, will be located at 3090 Justin Road, Suite 305.
  • Aviatech Corporation, which specializes in sales and technical support for antennas used by the military, will be located at 2250 Highland Village Road, Suite 230.

Goodyear Auto Service, located at 2350 Justin Road, will be closed for a short time as they remodel and rebrand their location. Not to worry, they will reopen as Just Tires.

Under Construction
  • Lambeau’s America – they are leasing a portion of the old Patrizio’s space in The Shops at Highland Village. 
  • Salerno’s – located where Village Grill was.
  • One Stop Nutrition – in The Marketplace by Petco and LA Fitness. 
  • Academy Mortgage – in The Shops at Highland Village. 

Permits Under Review
  • Brass Tap – will be located in The Shops at Highland Village. 
  • Tiff's Treats – will be located in The Shops at Highland Village. 
  • Premier Pigments – the old Tutor Time Building on Justin Road.
  • Painted Tree Tea Room – inside the Painted Tree Marketplace. 
Marketing & Communications
Assistant Chief Stewart, Assistant Chief Collier, and Laurie Mullens attended webinar training for the City’s new emergency call back system. The new system, CivicReady, is provided by our current website provider and therefore integrates into our current platform. Residents will have the option to sign up to receive specific messages. With CivicReady we will be able to send emergency notifications including warnings from the National Weather Service. After we launch CivicReady we will begin the process of implementing the IPAWS system which will automatically send notifications to all phones in our area (registered with the system or not) in the case of an emergency. We plan to launch CivicReady in February and will provide educational information for our residents. 

Andrew Boyd has been busy testing new equipment for recording, streaming, and televising live meetings from remote locations. The new gear was part of the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget and will likely first be used by the Parks Department for Park Board meetings at various locations. We will also have the ability to live stream and televise meetings seeking public input on projects and initiatives.

Andrew Boyd has also provided interactive 360 views of Doubletree Ranch Park. We receive a lot of inquiries about Doubletree and it is difficult to provide a good description of the beauty of the location. Now we can direct people to the City website to see the park for themselves. You can check out the views here. Good work Andrew!
Fire Department
City Council approved an Automatic Aid Agreement with the Town of Flower Mound for fire and emergency services at Tuesday’s Council meeting. The intent of the agreement is to improve paramedic and engine response times to residential areas within the Town of Flower Mound. In exchange, the Flower Mound Fire Department will automatically respond to non-residential fire calls with additional equipment that will supplement the response by our Highland Village Fire Department.

Also at Tuesday’s Council meeting, Council approved the renewal of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Denton County to provide ambulance and fire protection services to specified unincorporated areas of Denton County.  

All three shifts attended EMS Continuing Education class taught by Lead II Excellence. These monthly classes are held in an effort to keep our Firefighter/Paramedics current on the latest techniques, skills, and new technology in emergency medicine. 

Firefighter/Paramedic Jack Lacy, along with Trauma Nurses from Medical City Lewisville and Las Colinas, conducted Stop the Bleed and CPR/AED training for all City employees. This annual training went over how to assist an injured person with a laceration or an individual having a cardiac event until first responders arrive on scene. 
1.25.2019 FD - Training1
1.25.2019 FD - Training2
B Shift conducted blood pressure checks at the Robert & Lee DuVall Center. 

Chief Collier completed two Fire Inspections and three Plan Reviews this week.

The Fire Department had the following Calls for Service this week:
1.25.2019 FD - Calls
Police Department
The Auxiliary Leadership group, which consists of Corporal Michael MacLean, Auxiliary Deputy Commander Bert Williams, Auxiliary Lieutenant Jon Rogers, and Auxiliary Lieutenant Nick Antoun, met this week. They discussed retrofitting and design of the vehicle that will be repurposed as the Auxiliary VIP unit, upcoming events, as well as scheduling CPR recertification for all members. 

Corporal David Harney and Corporal Anita Sanchez attended the fifth grade visit and parent meeting at Briarhill Middle School. This annual meeting is an opportunity for students and parents to see the different classes that they will be taking part of as sixth graders. 

One of the goals we had for the Toy & Food Drive was to help Briarhill Middle School start a food pantry for families in need. Due to the generosity of everyone that donated, we were ecstatic to implement it. Thank you to everyone who donated, your generosity helped us achieve a goal that will feed families! 
1.25.2019 PD - Food1
1.25.2019 PD - Food2
Corporal Michael MacLean stopped by a local Girl Scout Cookie stand. They were sweet enough to send a few boxes with him for all of us to enjoy!
1.25.2019 PD - GSC
Briarhill Middle School threw Corporal Anita Sanchez a bridal shower with lots of delicious breakfast treats. Thank you Briarhill for thinking of Corporal Sanchez and her upcoming nuptials.
1.25.2019 PD - Bridal
Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar raised $3,022 on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.
1.25.2019 PD - Snuffers
Public Works
Public Works staff met with residents to discuss sidewalk, drainage, and storm damage issues.

Staff met with representatives from BW2 Engineering, Inc. to discuss Public Works projects and visit project sites.

The management staff continued one-on-one meetings with employees to set up Lattice.

All Public Works staff attended the annual CPR and Stop the Bleed training.

Streets Division
  • The intersection at South Clearwater Drive and North Clearwater Drive is re-open.
  • Completed concrete driveway repairs on Catlin Circle.
  • Continued asphalt street repairs on DuVall Boulevard, Lakeland Drive, Rosedale Street, and Shasta Court. 
1.25.2019 Streets - Shasta
1.25.2019 Streets - DuVall
  • Continued concrete street repairs on Copperas Branch Court.
  • Patched potholes in various locations throughout the City. 
1.25.2019 Streets - Pothole
  • Assisted the Drainage Division with a saw on Snowden Court.
1.25.2019 Streets - Snowden
  • Assisted the Utilities Division with a saw cut on Village Tree Drive.
1.25.2019 Streets - Village Tree
  • Met with Precision Concrete Cutting to review sidewalk repairs made on Lochmoor Lane and Silverthorne Trail.
1.25.2019 Streets - Lochmoor1
1.25.2019 Streets - Lochmoor2
  • Met with Nortex Slablifting to discuss possible candidates for concrete stabilization and repair throughout the City.

Drainage Division
  • Completed a drainage conversion in the 500 block of Sheldon Court. 
1.25.2019 Drainage - Sheldon
  • Removed leaves and debris from drainage culverts in the 100 block of North Clearwater Drive.
  • Laid sod along a new driveway approach after completing a drainage conversion in the 300 block of Catlin Circle.
  • Located the storm sewer infrastructure in the 3000 block of FM 2499, the 3000 block of Whispering Oaks, as well as at the intersection of Highland Village Road and Brazos Boulevard.
  • Deployed line locates and performed the work for the barrow ditch grading to flow in the 400 block of Longfellow Drive. 
1.25.2019 Drainage - Longfellow
  • Hauled construction spoils to the land fill.
  • Performed pond maintenance on the pond located behind Walmart. 
  • Deployed line locates for a culvert replacement in the 300 block of Whittier Street. 
  • Deployed door hangers for barrow ditch cleaning scheduled to start the second week of February on Lakeland Drive.

Utilities Division
  • Replaced a fire hydrant in the 300 block of Catlin Circle.
1.25.2019 Utilities - FH Replace
  • Hydro-excavated to repair a water service leak under the street in the 200 block of Village Tree Drive. 
1.25.2019 Utilities - Village Tree Repair
  • Excavated and repaired a sanitary sewer service in the 3000 block of Misty Oak Drive.
1.25.2019 Utilities - Sewer Repair
  • TV inspected a sanitary sewer service in the 100 block of Baird Circle along with several storm drain lines where ground sinking has occurred.
  • Repaired a water service leak in the 100 block of Sellmeyer Lane.
1.25.2019 Utilities - Water Service Repair
  • Unstopped sanitary sewer services on Willow Way, Baird Circle, North Shore Drive.
  • Read water meters not acquisitioned by the automated metering system.
  • Located three areas of water and sanitary sewer infrastructure for contractors performing directional boring and excavations.
  • Performed grease trap inspections as a monthly TCEQ mandated program. 
  • Performed fire hydrant maintenance on several fire hydrants in the City.
  • Performed customer service inspections on several commercial businesses.
  • Performed meter rereads, water turn on/turn offs, and leak checks.
  • Performed maintenance on well lots, lift stations, fire hydrants, and the water distribution and wastewater collection system.

Code Enforcement Division
  • Areas of responsibility one, two, three, and four were swept proactively.
  • Responded to citizen complaints.
  • Issued 35 new notices.
  • Re-inspected and closed nine cases.
1.25.2019 Code - Capture
Maintenance Division
  • Performed 17 preventive maintenance and equipment services. 
  • Replaced three batteries. 
1.25.2019 Maint - Battery
  • Replaced the A/C compressor in a Police unit. 
  • Completed two state inspections and eight registration renewals.
  • Replaced the lower control arms on a vehicle.
1.25.2019 Maint - Control Arm
  • Replaced rotors and brake pads.
  • Completed several small engine repairs.
  • Replaced ten tires and repaired three.
1.25.2019 Maint - Tire
Community Services Division
Building Permits (Commercial & Residential)
Plans Reviewed - 12
Permits Issued - 32
Permit Applications Accepted/Submitted - 24
Parks & Recreation
Park Staff
All Parks
Staff continues to perform routine maintenance throughout the park and trail system in preparation for spring. 

Unity Park
Staff removed a broken slide from Kids Kastle and installed a barrier where there is a slide transfer area. The slide will be replaced when the new playground equipment is installed. 
1.25.2019 Parks - KK Slide
Staff is working on irrigation repairs. 
1.25.2019 Parks - UP Irrig
They are also preparing the game fields for league play to begin. 
1.25.2019 Parks - UPF1
1.25.2019 Parks - UPF2
Copperas Branch Park
Joey Hardin put the final touches on the gates at both entrances of the concrete parking lot under IH 35. This parking lot will be closed unless a special event is taking place, or extra parking is needed during holiday weekends.
1.25.2019 Parks - Copperas Gate
Lightguard Crosswalks
The contractor is working on installing the crosswalk pole footings for the crosswalk at Highland Shores Boulevard and Community Center Drive. They will have the illuminated crosswalk installed by the end of next week.  

Special Events
Staff installed road signs in various locations throughout the City advertising the upcoming Father & Daughter Dance. 

Capital Improvement Projects
Brazos Park 
The contractor is nearing completion of the parking lot addition. Staff, accompanied by the construction company and engineers, performed a walkthrough of the project this week where a short list of punch list items was produced. Staff is awaiting the installation of one final light bollard. Following that, the project will be closed out. 
1.25.2019 Parks - Brazos1
1.25.2019 Parks - Brazos2
Additionally, the ADA inspection was completed this week with no violations. 

The parking lot is open for public use. 

Victoria Park Track Replacement
BW2 Engineers continue to work on the design of the project. 

Highland Village Road Sidewalk
BW2 Engineers continue to work on the design of the sidewalk.

Unity Park
Halff Associates is in the design process for the Pond Expansion project.
Additionally, the Softball Field Expansion portion of the project is now open for bid. Information can be found here, and bidding will close on February 7, 2019, at 2:00 p.m.

Doubletree Ranch Park to DCTA Train Station Pedestrian Connection
The southern section (south of the pond) is closed to the public due to the construction of the pedestrian bridge that will provide access from Doubletree Ranch Park to the DCTA Train Station. Construction is expected to be completed at the end of this February.

Doubletree Ranch Park Shade Structure and Playground 
Staff has sent the approved contracts for the shade structure, playground, and teen swing area to the respective contractors for execution. All of these items are proposed to be installed over the winter months. 

Park Shade Structures
The shade structures at Lions Club Park, Turpin Park, Lower Sellmeyer Park, and K-9 Kastle have been installed. We would like to thank the Highland Village Lions Club for their donation for a portion of the K-9 Kastle shade structure. 
1.25.2019 Parks - K9 Shade
1.25.2019 Parks - Shade
Pilot Knoll Park
Contractors are installing power and concrete to the day use restroom building.  

Copperas Branch Park
Staff has contracted with La Terra Studio for the creation of the Copperas Branch Park Master Plan. 

Chapel Hill Estates Trail Connection 
Staff is working with BW2 for the design of this project which will connect Castlewood Trail (on the west side of FM 2499 pedestrian tunnel) to Chapel Hill Estates along the southbound side of FM 2499.
FM 2499 Landscape and Maintenance Services Contract
Matthew Ansted is in the process of updating bid documents in preparation of the RFP advertisement.

Senior All-Stars
Monday: Assorted Card Games - Dealer’s Choice, Spades in the Library
Tuesday: Assorted Card Games - Dealer’s Choice, Dominoes, 42 
Thursday: Assorted Card Games - Dealer’s Choice, Bridge, Rummikub

On Wednesday, two of our very own Senior All-Stars, Ernie Haas and Doug Brown, participated in the Pie Eating Contest put on by the staff at Pinewood Hills Independent Retirement Living Community in Flower Mound to celebrate National Pie Day. Doug Brown was declared the champion!
1.25.2019 Parks - Doug
1.25.2019 Parks - Pie
On Thursday, 32 Senior All-Stars attended a Lunch & Learn sponsored by Avanti Senior Living in Flower Mound. They learned about the benefits of healthy living and fitness tips while enjoying sandwiches, fruit, chips, and a cookie. 
1.25.2019 Parks - Lunch
Also on Thursday, 26 Senior All-Stars attended the Dinner and a Show trip to Grapevine. They ate at Bartley’s BBQ and watched Fly by Night at the Runway Theater.
1.25.2019 Parks - Runway
1.25.2019 Parks - BBQ
Upcoming Special Events
The annual Father & Daughter Valentine’s Dance is on Friday, February 1 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lewisville. Come out for an evening of dinner, dancing, and door prizes with special guest Allison Harris from Fox 4 News. Tickets are on sale now at or in person at the Robert & Lee DuVall Center.

Athletic Leagues
The Junior NBA/WNBA youth basketball league games took place Saturday, January 26 at Briarhill Middle School. The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to wear NBA/WNBA team uniforms, engage in recreational competition, and experience continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork. 

Community Education Classes
Private Yoga Classes are offered by certified Yoga Instructor, Rachel Swan, at the Robert & Lee DuVall Center. To schedule your private class, please contact Rachel Swan at (214) 641-4236 or

Fit4Mom is held on Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. at Unity Park and on Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. at Doubletree Ranch Park. 

Camp Gladiator is held at Unity Park on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8:30 a.m.; at Doubletree Ranch Park on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:45 a.m.; as well as on Monday and Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., 6:15 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. at Doubletree Ranch Park.
1.25.2019 Parks - CG1
1.25.2019 Parks - CG2
Tai Chi Gung is held Mondays from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. and Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at the Robert & Lee DuVall Center free of charge.

Outdoor Recreational Pickleball open court is available at Unity Park. Pickleball nets and balls are located on-site for set up. All ages are welcome to play free of charge and residency is not required. Don’t forget to bring your paddle!

Indoor Recreational Pickleball open court is available weekly on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the Robert & Lee DuVall Center. All ages are welcome to play free of charge and residency is not required.
Human Resources
Our staff is committed to providing excellent service to our citizens and living by the values and mission that has been set forth. Please join us in congratulating these City of Highland Village employees with anniversaries in February. Thank you for your dedication to our community!
Hector Calderon Gonzalez Park Technician I 3 Years of Service
Larry Chambers Bus Driver 6 Years of Service
Derek Doyle Firefighter/Paramedic 8 Years of Service
Brent Hill Park Technician I 1 Year of Service
Jonathan Hughes Firefighter/Paramedic 3 Years of Service
Michael Nelson Police Officer 1 Year of Service
Dennis Oliver Police Sergeant 16 Years of Service
Keith Pennock Network Manager 5 Years of Service
David Pittinger Police Sergeant  15 Years of Service
Taylor Proefrock Firefighter/Paramedic 3 Years of Service
Robert Fever returned to the Police Department this week as a Police Corporal. Human Resources completed his new hire and on-boarding.
1.25.2019 HR - Fever
Michael Leavitt, Ken Heerman, and Jana Onstead met with our Nationwide Retirement Specialist, Michelle Diaz, to discuss the deferred compensation plan that Nationwide offers.