2018 Bond - Parks Projects

The City issued $4.29 million for several different projects, which are currently underway. Here is an update, as of March 2019, on those projects and opportunities for you to be involved in the process. 

Highland Village Road Sidewalk - iCity staff is working with BW2 Engineers on the Highland Village Road sidewalk alignment. The new sidewalk will connect to the existing sidewalk at the Municipal Complex and head east along Highland Village Road to connect to the Copperas Trial adjacent to Wichita Forest Park. The sidewalk will provide critical connectivity to the City Trail for residents that live in the neighborhoods along Highland Village Road between the Municipal Complex and Wichita Forest Park. Engineering for the sidewalk is expected to be completed by Spring 2019l.
Brazos Park Parking Lot - The Brazos Park parking lot expansion is complete nearly doubling its parking capacity from 54 spaces to 106. The new parking lot will alleviate parking pressure on Highland Village Road during the football season.
Unity Park  - Pond Improvements, Kids Kastle, and Softball Field Expansion - The pond renovation and drainage improvements are currently under design and are expected to be completed by this spring. The project scope of work includes removal of accumulated silt and reconfigure the pond to accommodate a 50-year flood which will also benefit the surrounding areas. This work will impact the dog park and the Kids Kastle project. One of the design elements for drainage improvements for the pond will consist of adding drainage culverts through the narrow part of the large dog park. Once the culverts are in place, the contractor will start work immediately to establish grass over the top of the culverts. Users of the dog park can expect some temporary changes to the park during construction with the goal of minimizing closures. The new pond will be larger than it currently is in order to meet the critical water retention and drainage needs for the site. The new pond size will encroach into the current footprint of Kids Kastle. 
Paver Stones
Understanding this city staff wants the new layout to be established before we start designing Kids Kastle. We are expecting the site civil work for the layout of the pond to be completed by September of this year. Once the new layout for the pond is established the city will start the community engagement process for the Kids Kastle replacement project. The community engagement process will provide residents the opportunity to be involved in the design process. With the reconstruction of Kids Kastle, there are stone pavers that were donated by residents that we’d like to return to those who wish to have them. If you have a stone paver you’d like to pick up, please contact us at hvparks@highlandvillage.org. Please include the names on the paver and as many details as possible in the e-mail. There are also personalized tiles and fence pickets which are part of the Kids Kastle structure. The tiles and fence pickets will be available for pick up prior to the demolition. Please watch our website, Facebook page, newsletter, utility insert and Nextdoor for the pickup schedule and contact us at that time.

Upon review of the bids for the Unity Park softball field, North Rock Construction was chosen based off of best value and ability to perform the work, construction is expected to start in April pending any weather delays. The project is expected to take six months to complete; projected completion of the new softball field is late summer.
Victoria Park Walking Path -  The Victoria Park walking path new alignment has been approved by city staff and Oncor. Engineering is close to completion, with construction expected to begin sometime in the Spring.