2018 Bond - Street Improvement Projects

In November 2017, City voters approved two propositions – street improvements and park and recreation improvements totaling $7.15 million. The City will issue bonds for these projects, which will not require a tax increase as a reduction in debt service has provided a window to consider new debt issuance. When we issue bonds the City seeks a new bond or credit rating. The City has been given the highest rating possible, AAA by Standard & Poors. This is a reflection of the fiscally responsible and conservative financial policies put in place by City Council and carried out by City Staff. Here is information on the projects included and the anticipated timeline.

City staff evaluated the 126 asphalt pavement streets located within the City using a pavement condition index (PCI) from our Street Maintenance Program. Twenty-three streets were identified as failing; another 25+ were identified as deteriorating rapidly to the end of their life cycle. The City issued bonds in the amount of $2.8 million to fund street improvements.

The following street sections, which include areas where water lines have been replaced under prior Utility projects, are identified as asphalt reconstruction candidates in our Street Maintenance Program:
Phase 1 - Construction anticipated to begin mid-June
• Rosedale St. - Construction Phase
• Shasta Ct. - Construction Phase
• Ranier Ct. - Construction Phase
• Snowdon Ct. - Construction Phase
• Sheldon Ct. - Construction Phase
• Sugarloaf Ct. - Construction Phase
• Catesby Place - Construction Phase

Phase 2 - Construction anticipated to begin in July
• Oak Forest - Construction Phase
• Winding Creek - Construction Phase
Phase 3
• Rockland Dr.- Design Phase
• Hickory Ridge Dr.- Design Phase
• S. Clearwater Dr.- Design Phase
• N. Clearwater Dr.- Design Phase
• Scenic Dr.- Design Phase
• Springway Dr.- Design Phase
• Pecan St.- Design Phase
Phase 4
• Dickinson Dr. - Design Phase
• Baird Cr.- Design Phase
• Donna Cr.- Design Phase
• Arbor Ct.- Design Phase
• Park Ln.- Design Phase
• Creek Pl.- Design Phase
• DuVall Dr. - Design Phase
• Raintree Dr. - Design Phase
• Greensprings St.- Design Phase
The streets are grouped into four construction projects and construction is currently underway. Weather permitting, the goal is to have reconstruction of the 23 identified streets completed by the summer of 2020. Page Updated: April 2019