Vial of Life Program

A "Vial of Life" in your refrigerator can save your life.
The Highland Village Fire Department wants to put a "Vial of Life" in your refrigerator. The service is free for all residents, regardless of age. People with life threatening medical conditions and drug allergies are encouraged to participate in the "Vial of Life" program.

A little pill bottle in your refrigerator may save your life or the life of someone you love. The pill bottles are called "Vial of Life" and contain information about your medical condition, insurance and emergency contacts. The presence of the "Vial of Life" bottle is entered into the 9-1-1 database so that emergency personnel will know to retrieve it from the refrigerator upon arrival at your home.
vial of life.png
"Why the refrigerator?" Every home has one and it is easy to find. Additionally, in case of a fire, the refrigerator is the least likely object to burn. A sticker is affixed to the refrigerator door to remind emergency personnel to remove the "Vial of Life." Another sticker is also affixed to your front door.

For residents in Highland Village, "Vials of Life" kits may be picked up at the Fire Administration Office-1200 Highland Village Rd, Highland Village, TX 75077

To activate the "Vials of Life" within the City of Highland Village:
  • Complete the registration form and return it to the Highland Village Fire Administration office.
  • Complete the medical information form, roll it up and place it inside the "Vial of Life" bottle.
  • Place the Vial in the refrigerator and place the "Vial of Life" sticker on your refrigerator door.
  • Place the second sticker on your front door near the door handle.
  • Be sure to update the medical information when health conditions change.
For more information, please email or call the Highland Village Fire Department Administration office at 972-317-0890.