"Stand Up" Against Bullying

In support of the initiatives that have already been implemented to combat the problem of "Bullying" in our community schools, the Highland Village Police Department has an education/awareness program designed to reinforce LISD efforts and further minimize the effects of this kind of crippling behavior. Our messages focus on reversing and preventing these activities from ever occurring by actively and visibly gaining the condemnation of "Bullying" by our community, through our elected officials, parents, school administrators, teachers and most importantly our students.

A few of our program initiatives include: Mayor/Council involvement and support, a dedicated community "Bullying Awareness" week/day, hall posters, signature support banners, video's, support wristbands, community messaging (E-Watch, water bills, quarterly news publications), student/parent support contracts, a cadre of Marcus HS "Support Advocates," Facebook, message boards and media awareness. 

As always, our initiatives are designed to support and enhance existing LISD programs and activities and rely heavily upon the support of our community to achieve positive results.