Domestic and Family Violence

What constitutes Family Violence?Family Violence 
  • Intentionally and knowingly causing bodily injury or threatening to cause bodily injury to another member of your family or household, including your spouse.
  • Causing physical contact with another, a member of your family, or your spouse, when it is reasonable to believe that the other person will find that contact offensive or provocative in nature.

What can you do to prevent Family Violence?

  • Leave the house/area and cool off. Stay with a friend if necessary.
  • Contact the police before the situation is out of hand.
  • Seek assistance through Denton County Friends of the Family or other local family counseling resources before Family Violence occurs.

What are the consequences of Family Violence? 

  • Arrest and Prosecution
  • Divorce
  • Debt incurred during legal process
  • Loss of family relationships
  • Jail and/or Prison

Community Resources

Each year, this offense affects countless Denton County families with sometimes devastating consequences. Please think before you act. There are resources available to help you and your family cope with the stresses that can lead to these offenses; help us all prevent the pain and scars that Family Violence leaves behind.

Denton County Friends of the Family, 24-Hour Crisis Line
1-800-572-4031 or 940-382-7273 (Emergency)

Other Resources:

Family Violence Shelter & Services-Friends of the Family / 800-572-4031
Legal Hotline / 800-777-FAIR
Family Violence Legal Advice Line / 800-374-HOPE
National Domestic Violence Hotline / 1-800-799-SAFE
Child Abuse Hotline / 1-800-4 A Child
Victim Assistance Program / 940-349-2600
Protective Orders/Denton County District Attorney / 940-565-8556
Crime Victims Compensation / 800-983-9933
Denton Regional Medical Center / 940-566-4000
Denton County Jail Family Violence Notification / 940-898-5709
Mental Health-Mental Retardation Hotline / 800-762-0157