Crime Tip Line

HVPD Anonymous Crime Tip Line
(972) 317-TIPS or (972) 317-8477
HVPD has established an anonymous crime tip line for citizens wishing to provide information on crimes. The crime tip line is an electronic voicemail system, checked regularly by a Highland Village detectives.

HVPD Crime Tip Line advantages:
  • Caller does not speak with anyone directly
  • Do not have to leave a name or number (but are encouraged to do so)
  • Line does not have caller ID so calls can remain anonymous
Should information concerning criminal activity outside the City of Highland Village be left on the line, that information will be referred to the appropriate agency.

Citizens are reminded to call 9-1-1 for in-progress crimes or crimes which have just occurred. The HVPD Crime Tip Line number is 972-317-TIPS (8477).