Jury Information

The Highland Village Municipal Court is a Court of Record where jury trials are held. If you are a resident of Highland Village you may be summoned to appear and serve as a juror. Selections are made at random, and summons are sent to those selected. 

Information regarding your jury summons:​
    • Selections are made from active utility billing accounts.
    • Names are selected at random.
    • Your scheduled appearance date and time will be on your summons.
    • The Court requests that you fill out the summons and claim any exemptions that apply to you (if applicable).
    • Bring the completed summons to Court with you on your scheduled appearance date. 
      • If you are claiming an exemption, return the completed summons prior to your scheduled appearance date by mail, or in person, to the Municipal Court located in City Hall.
Information the Court will not ask for: 
    • Social Security Number
    • Driver's License Number
    • Credit Card, Bank Information, etc.
The Court will not call you unless you have asked to have the Court return your call. On rare occasions, the Court may call jurors to inform them that a case(s) has been settled. This is done in an effort to avoid any unnecessary appearances. 

This Court appreciates your service and values your time, making every effort to not inconvenience you. Jury trials are a constitutional right to all defendants, therefore when a jury trial is requested the Court will provide that opportunity. 

If you have questions regarding jury service, contact the Municipal Court at (972) 317-3660.