Floodplain Administration

The Local Flood Hazard
Flooding in Highland Village mostly comes from Lake Lewisville and several small tributaries, the principal ones being:
  • The creek that runs east of Highland Forest between Oak Forest and Winding Creek Drive
  • The creek that follows the eastern side of the City limits and empties into Lake Lewisville and Copperas Branch Park.
Even though flash flood events in North Texas are most common during the months of May and June, the potential for flooding is present throughout the year and can affect nearly every person in Highland Village.

Heavy rains in September 2010 caused the portion of Highland Village Road along Wichita Forest and the Lewisville Lake boat docks to wash away. The road had to be rebuilt, and many homes experienced structural damage and flooding from drainage system backups. This high water event provided valuable lessons for the City about reducing the impacts of such an event in our community, and stressed the need for resident awareness.