Municipal Drainage System (MDUS)

About the City's Municipal Drainage Utility System (MDUS)
The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that cities located in urbanized areas address the development and implementation of a stormwater management program to reduce stormwater pollution discharges.

To comply with the EPA's Phase II MS4 Stormwater Regulations, the City of Highland Village has submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) its Municipal Drainage Utility System (MDUS) plan. The City has also obtained a Stormwater permit from TCEQ.

Reducing the Effects of Runoff
The Municipal Drainage Utility System is responsible for reducing the effects of runoff by:
  • Improving, upgrading, and maintaining the City drainage system
  • Educating the public about stormwater issues
  • Detecting and eliminating illicit discharges and pollutants
  • Preventing pollution
  • Performing field inspections / enforcing stormwater design standards and regulations
  • Controlling construction site stormwater runoff and managing post-construction stormwater in new development and redevelopment