New Business Information

City staff strives to provide a business friendly environment when working with those who wish to locate their business in the City of Highland Village.

There are different types of requirements depending upon whether the business will be occupying an existing lease space, requiring a finish-out for a lease space, or constructing a new structure. The processes for occupying an existing lease space and/or requiring a finish-out permit can be found under Building Operations.

Requirements for New Development
The following information applies to the requirements for new development such as constructing a new building / structure for non-residential use(s):
  • Preliminary meeting with staff to discuss zoning including proposed uses, site plan requirements and platting requirements (as needed)
  • If property is platted and zoning is in place, then site plan is the next step
  • A formal site plan submittal includes site plan, landscape plan, lighting and style fixture (if applicable), parking, color building elevations, and signage and sample board of proposed building materials including roof material
  • A site plan, after staff review, must be considered and approved by Planning and Zoning and City Council prior to development
  • If the property requires platting, that is a separate process and requires staff review and approval by Parks and Recreation Board, Planning and Zoning and City Council, and must be completed prior to a building permit being issued
  • If the site requires a zoning change or amendment, that process must be completed prior to site plan approval and shall be approved by Planning and Zoning and City Council