Sex Offenders

Current Registered Sex Offenders
Below are links to the current Sex Offenders registered with the Highland Village Police Department:

Tu,Pei Chun

Patrol Field Verification Procedures

The Highland Village Police Department conducts a quarterly verification program for all of our registered sex offenders. This quarterly contact is in addition to the state mandated conviction requirement. This program, which is conducted by uniformed police officers, consists of physically making contact with the listed residence of the sex offender and confirming all of their required registration information. This includes their place of residence, their vehicle information, and their employment information. It is completed with a signature of the confirming resident and is kept in our department files for reference.
For more information on these or any other registered sex offenders in the State of Texas, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Records Service website at Texas State DPS.

You can also visit Family Watchdog to see the location of registered sex offenders in relation to any address in the United States.