Alarm Permits



City ordinance requires owners of active alarm systems to obtain an alarm permit with the City.  Alarm permits are not required for:

  • An alarm installed on a motor vehicle
  • An alarm system designed solely to alert the occupants of a building or residence which will not emit a signal either audible or visible from outside the building or residence
  • An alarm system that has been disabled and does not have the ability to send an alarm notification to fire or police personnel

Permit & Billing Process

Alarm Annual Permit Fee:  Residential $30.00, Commerical $50.00. 
Renewal fee with history of excessive false alarms (>=8) in the preceding 12 month period, Residential $50.00, Commercial $75.00.  Any correspondence regarding alarm permit renewals or excessive alarms should be sent to:

City of Highland Village Alarm Program
P.O. Box 142376
Irving, TX 75014
(888) 563-0378

False Alarms 

City ordinance defines a false alarm as an alarm notification to an emergency service department where there was no evidence of an emergency or when the caller notifies the emergency service department that the alarm was false in nature.

Although there are no charges for the first three (3) false alarms during a twelve (12) month period, false alarms in excess of this will be charged a service fee based on the following schedule:

1-3 False Alarms – No Fee
4-5 False Alarms - $50.00
6-7 False Alarms - $75.00
8+  False Alarms - $100.00

Alarm permits are subject to suspension or revocation for excessive false alarms or failure to pay false alarm service fees.  Operation of an alarm system without a valid permit may result in a citation being issued and a fine of up to $500.00 for each offense.

Free Online False Alarm Reduction Training

Provided by the City of Highland Village.  Visit here for more information.