Lock Box Program

What is the Lock Box Program?
This nationwide program is used by Fire and Police Departments so that in the event of an emergency, emergency personnel may access the key to your residence via a secured key box mounted outside your residence.

Why is it Important?
The Lock Box program provides public safety responders with a way to gain access to the homes of participating residents to expedite access during medical or other emergencies. This program protects the resident's property from being damaged in cases where forced entry would otherwise be necessary.
Who is Eligible to Participate?
A person who is elderly, disabled, or has some other demonstrated needs that require specialized or unique medical or other assistance when public safety responds for to the residence.

Is it Secure?
The key is placed immediately in the lock box and the combination set. The combination to the lock box is maintained in our Communications Unit and will not be given out or utilized for any other reason but for a medical emergency at the residence, or when a no-response situation occurs after a welfare concern has arisen. Once the lock box has been opened for either of these reasons, the combination will be changed and updated in the Communications Unit until the next occurrence where it is needed. At no time will the lock box participant be given the combination to the lock box.

How Much Does it Cost?
There is no cost to participate in the program. All lock boxes are supplied by the police department.

How Do I Sign Up?
If you are interested in the Lock Box program, please contact us. He will evaluate your situation to determine if you qualify for the program. Once a decision is made, you will complete a short enrollment form and we will install the lock box. You may cancel at anytime.