Hot Check Procedures


If your business receives a hot check, there are certain steps that must be taken to successfully prosecute. All of those steps and more can be found on the Denton County District Attorney Hot Checks section.

This process must be completed through the District Attorney and not locally at the Police Department:
Denton County District Attorney's Office
Phone: (940) 349-2700 (Denton)
Phone: (972) 434-8827 (Metro)


Just a few things to be suspicious of when accepting a check:
  • Starter checks
  • Temporary, expired, or out-of state driver's licenses
  • Department of Public Safety ID Cards (intended for senior citizens and the disabled)
  • Anyone who cannot produce a driver's license
  • Any variation between the information on the check, the ID produced and/or the check writer.
Remember to always keep a copy of everything that you send to the District Attorney's Office - Hot Checks Section.