Reporting Animal Bites

Animal Bite Reporting (Ord Sec. 14-57 & 14-58)

When any currently vaccinated dog or cat has bitten, scratched or otherwise attacked a person, anyone having knowledge of the incident shall immediately notify the local animal care officer and the animal will be confined in the designated City shelter for a period of 10 days at the expense of the owner:
  • Any animal with rabies or suspected of having rabies shall be reported to the local animal care officer.
  • Any animal having rabies or suspected of having rabies must immediately be quarantined and confined in the designated animal shelter.
  • Length of time that an animal must be confined for rabies observation shall be determined according to the species of the animal as determined by the Animal Care Office of the City.

More Information

Animal Bite Pamphlet
For more information, please contact Animal Care Services at (469) 444-0915.