Garbage & Recycling

Weekly trash, recycling and yard waste collection services in Highland Village are provided by Community Waste Disposal

Want a Larger Recycling Cart?

The City contract with CWD includes an upgrade to a larger 95-gallon recycling cart if requested by the resident. You can keep your existing blue 35 or 65 gallon recycling cart or exchange it for a larger 95 gallon blue recycling cart at no additional cost. If you choose to exchange your existing blue recycling cart for a 95 gallon blue recycling cart, City crews will exchange your cart on your next collection day. Please complete the form so you can be added to the schedule.

Do you need your 95 gallon cart repaired or replaced? Please complete the form so we can notify CWD. 

CWD Request Larger Bin form
CWD Repair Bin Form Link

Was Your Yard Waste, Trash or Recycling Missed?

Please fill out this form if your garbage, recycling or yard waste was not picked up on your regularly scheduled pick up day or if you have a service complaint. Your information will be logged and forwarded to Community Waste Disposal for resolution. 

Curbside trash and recycling carts are collected once a week (even on days that fall on a holiday, unless otherwise noted on the CWD schedule  between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on your collection day. Yard waste is collected for the entire city on Monday.

Residents can contact Community Waste Disposal at 972-392-9300 for questions or more information.

CWD Missed Pickup form
Service Complaint Button