Barking Dog - Lives Next Door

Living Next Door to a Barking Dog
If there is a problem with barking dogs, it is helpful to talk to or leave a note for the animal owner. Although this may be difficult to do at first, communicating with the animal owner is usually the most effective way to resolve the problem.

Talking with Your Neighbor
  • Try to talk to your neighbor when you are not frustrated about the barking. Take time to calm down before approaching him/her. He/she may not know that the dog is barking and causing an issue. Most dogs bark when the owner is away.
  • When you approach your neighbor, be calm and plan to discuss the barking in a friendly manner.
  • Inform him/her of the time of day or night that the dog is barking. Be specific with your information to assist the owner in determining why the dog is barking.
  • Ask the neighbor whether you can contact him/her, day or night, when the barking is a problem.
Leaving a Note for Your Neighbor
  • Explain what the dog does when the family is away from the residence. Be specific.
  • Choose words that are not offensive or intimidating to the dog owner.
  • If you feel safe doing so; leave them your name, telephone number, or address so they can respond to your letter. An anonymous letter does not help the neighbor determine why the dog may be barking. It is helpful if the owner has someone to talk with to determine when and why the dog might be barking.
More Information
For more information, please contact Animal Care Services at (972) 317-6551.