Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is responsible for accurate, expeditious service relating to all cases filed in the Municipal Court in accordance with City ordinances and state laws as shown below:
  • Traffic Code Violations
  • State Class C Violations
    • Penal Code (Examples include Theft, Disorderly Conduct, and Assault.)
    • Education Code (Such as Failure to Attend School.)
    • Health and Safety Code (Includes tobacco related cases.)
    • Alcohol Beverage Code (Examples include Minor in Possession and Minor in Consumption.)
  • City Ordinances
    • Animal Violations (Including Animal at Large and Dangerous Dog citations.)
    • Building/Zoning Violations (Such as High Grass and Weeds, Fences, etc.)
    • Permit Violations (Includes Failure to Obtain Permits citations.)
Court Clerk Functions
Various functions of the Court Clerk’s Office include:
  • Processing Tickets
    • Driver's Safety Class
    • Deferred Disposition
    • Time Payments
    • Setting Court Dates
  • Preparing the required state monthly reports.
  • Processing appeal and warrant paperwork as required.