Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services is a Unit of the Police Department that enforces all city ordinances and state laws related to animals. The Animal Care Unit is comprised of one Senior Animal Care Officer who investigates and responds to stray or vicious animals, nuisance complaints, injured or ill animals, reports of cruelty or neglect, as well as other animal-related issues.

The Animal Care Unit promotes responsible pet guardianship through education, mediation, and enforcement. Our Animal Care Officer is a highly trained and experienced professional who is state-certified through the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Hours of Operation
Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Animal Care Officer has a direct line during duty hours at 469-444-0915. After-hours responses are available for emergency situations only. For after hours animal emergencies call Police Dispatch at (972) 317-6551.

Highland Village Animal Shelter
2810 Justin Road (behind Animal Medical Center of Highland Village)
Highland Village, TX 75077
(469) 444-0915

Please make advance arrangements for the Animal Care Officer to be on site if you wish to speak directly with them or to adopt or pick up an animal.

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