2022 Bond - Street Improvement Projects

In December 2021, Council approved an ordinance authorizing the issuance of Certificates of Obligation totaling $15.75M for street and drainage and park improvements. The Certificates of Obligation will coincide with expiring debt and therefore have no impact to the City’s ad valorem tax rate. During the budget process, the Capital Improvement Program identified projects to be included in this issuance, including $8.85M for street and drainage capital projects and $6.413M for park improvements. 

2022 Bond Streets Improvement Project:

City staff evaluated the 126 asphalt pavement streets located within the City using a pavement condition index (PCI) from our Street Maintenance Program.  25 streets were identified as failing.  In December 2021, issuance of bonds for various purposes that included authorization to issue bonds in the amount of $3.6 million to fund street improvements.  

The following streets are identified for asphalt reconstruction as part of the Street Maintenance Bond Program:

Phase 1: (Construction)

  • Glenmere Dr. - complete
  • Camden Dr. - complete
  • Turpin Dr. - complete
  • La Mesa Dr. - complete
  • Medina Dr. - complete
  • Catlin Cir. – under construction
  • Catlin Ter. – under construction
  • Ranney Dr. – paved - restoration
  • Moran Dr. – paved - restoration
  • Lakeland Dr. – erosion control install

Phase 2: (Engineering Design)

  • Meadow Brook Dr.
  • Oak St.
  • Cedar
  • Redwood Dr.

Phase 3: (Late 2024)

  • Ferndale Dr.
  • Merriman Dr.
  • Bexar Dr.
  • Sandero Dr.
  • Victoria Dr. 
  • Inca Pl.
  • Malibu Dr.

Phase 4: (2025)

  • Cuero Pl.
  • Perro Pl.
  • Gayle Ln.
  • Savanna Dr.

The streets are grouped into 4 construction projects with engineering design on-going and the construction phase began in the summer of 2023.  Weather permitting; the goal is to have reconstruction of the 25 identified streets completed by the summer of 2025.  The City has secured a contractor and is currently constructing phase 1 of the project.  Phase 2 of the project is currently in the engineering design phase. Phase 3 is in the preliminary design phase.  

Reconstruction Projects:
Highland Shores Boulevard. (Briarhill to Twin Coves - Engineering) - $500,000
Highland Village Road (Brazos to KCS Railroad - Engineering) - $250,000

Overlay Projects:
Sellmeyer Lane (Foggy Glen to Brazos) - $250,000
Sellmeyer Lane (Brazos to Victoria) - $275,000
Sellmeyer Lane (Victoria to FM 407) - $275,000
Highland Shores Boulevard (Highland Village Road to Briarhill) - $600,000

Traffic Control:
Traffic single improvement Brazos & Highland Village Road - $345,000
Pedestrian crossing Highland Shores Boulevard at Community Center Drive - $230,000

Drainage Projects:
Drainage pond adjacent to Walmart dredge - $300,000
Quail Cove pond dredge - $200,000
Turpin Drive /  Sellmeyer Lane drainage improvement - $500,000
Silverthorne Park creek bank stabilization - $400,000
Highland Shores Boulevard underdrain - $600,000

Contingency - $525,000

Page Updated: October 31, 2023