Live Traps

Trap permits are required for all humane live traps whether privately owned or borrowed from Animal Services.

  • Trap Permits are valid for ninety (90) days.
  • Trap Permit Fees 
    • Borrowed City Traps, $100 and includes trap services.
    • Privately Owned Traps, No permit fee but $50 per service, max $100 within 90 days.
  • Trap must have permit label affixed.
  • Trapping is not allow on weekends or holidays. 
  • Traps cannot be set when temperatures are below 35 or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Permit holder is required to check trap daily and report any captured animal.
  • Skunks - In accordance with city ordinance, the use of a city-owned humane trap to trap skunks is prohibited.  Any person who catches a skunk with a privately owned humane trap must release the skunk or contact a private company to have the skunk removed within twenty-four (24) hours.
  • Feral Cats - Will be processed in accordance with the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) city ordinance and released back into the community.

For more information contact Animal Services, Monday-Friday, 8a-5p, at 469-444-0915 or