Record Requests and EMS Billing

Record Requests

Fire Records: Please submit any requests for open records such as a monthly fire report through our City Secretary's Office.  You may submit requests for individual fire reports in person at the administration office or via email.  You will need to include the date and address of the incident.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) / Medical Reports:  Due to the Health Insurance Portability Protection Act (HIPPA), any request for an ambulance report / medical record will need to be made in person at our administration office.  You will need a valid picture identification and must either be the patient or have a notarized, medical records release signed by the patient.

Attorney requests for medical records must be submitted through our billing provider, Emergicon.

EMS Billing

Highland Village Fire Department outsources our ambulance billing to:

 PO Box 180446
 Dallas, TX 75218
 (877) 602-2060