Kids Kastle

Kids Kastle is now open for the community to enjoy! The Kids Kastle play area was designed and built by the community in 1994. Since that time many families have enjoyed playing at Kids Kastle. The structure had reached the end of its useful life and was in need of replacement.  In November 2017 voters approved a bond proposition to rebuild Kids Kastle as a community build project. In September 2019 we engaged with the community to design the new Kids Kastle playground. A design day was held and the children and adults in Highland Village helped determine the design for the new Kids Kastle. The community build would occur in two phases in March 2020. The Phase 1 community build was cancelled due to COVID, but City staff along with Play by Design, LLC contractors were able to complete the work and set the stage for a community build for Phase 2. Dates were set in late July 2020 for the Phase 2 community build only to have those dates cancelled as well.


The community was ready to play on Kids Kastle, so City Council authorized an additional $160,000 to amend the contract with Play by Design to remove the community build aspect and replace it with a contractor build. Beginning on October 12 Play by Design, LLC and City staff will complete the Kids Kastle build. 

We are thankful to the community groups that have joined City staff for small group builds to prep the site and complete specific elements so the contractor build will go quicker and smoother. After completion of the contractor build, the surfacing will be installed along with other items.