The City of Highland Village Parks and Recreation Department has hidden geocaches throughout the city. Adventure outside and explore as you search for hidden treasure. Geocaching is fun for the whole family! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of our geocaches.
Getting Started
What is geocaching? Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the "cache" (container) hidden at that location. To find the location of the cache, you will need a GPS receiver or a smart phone. There are several free GPS locator apps available to download to your cellular device.

Geocaching Apps
There are geocaching specific apps you can download in the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone). Search “Geocaching” in your designated app store. The Geocodes listed below are for one specific mobile app. Codes may be different for other apps.

If you do not wish to use a geocaching specific app or prefer to use a GPS receiver, you can use the GPS coordinates to find the general location of the cache. Coordinates are approximate and can be affected by buildings, weather, or nearby trees.

You can also use your phone’s Map App.  Just open the app and press the “i” (information button) and select ‘Satellite’ under Maps Settings.  Press the “Search for a place or address” box and enter the geocache coordinates
(ex. n29 48.267,w98 43.049) and press ‘search’.  This will take you to the geocache site.

Find the Location
Use the GPS coordinates to find the general location of the cache. Coordinates are approximate. Once you find the general location, you will need to look high and low to locate the hidden treasure. The container of the caches vary in sizes and difficulty. You will need to scan the area and look for anything out of place or could have something hidden inside. Caches are not buried, but they can be hidden inside or under items in the landscape, such as trees, rocks, branches, leaves, and grass. Be sure to use your eagle eye to find the cache! Remember, geocaching is like a treasure hunt. You do not want other pirates (non-geocachers) to steal your loot! So, be aware of your surroundings if you are searching in an area with high foot traffic. Use your best skills to be discrete in your search.

Found it!
Once you have found the cache, open it up carefully and sign/date the logbook. Then close the cache and return it as you found it in the same hidden location.

Celebrate your find by taking a picture and tagging us on Facebook or Instagram using #HVPARKS. To make sure the caches remain hidden and a surprise for the next geocacher, please only post photos with the logbook capsule, not the cache object. Please do not include the exact location of your the photo. Keeping the cache a secret is a part of the game! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

For more information on the history and rules of geocaching, please visit the Geocaching website.

Itsy Bitsy Spider – N 33° 05.204 W 097° 02.632 
Search GCA78EP in the Geocaching App to find “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Description: The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the...this itsy bitsy spider likes to climb poles.

Buggin' Around  – N 33° 04.588 W 097° 03.775
Search GC8XJVX in the Geocaching App to find “Buggin’ Around”
I'm taking a nap in my favorite hiding place. I have to be careful around all these electric zappers!

Mean Green – N 33° 04.850 W 097° 04.740
Search GC8XG6J in the Geocaching App to find “Mean Green”

Take a stroll down the trail. You'll see I'm tall and green but not actually mean.

Gneiss Job – N 33° 04.898 W 097° 04.577
Search GC8XG8F in the Geocaching App to find “Gneiss Job”

 You'll have to go off the beaten path to find me. I'm smaller than most of my friends here and always in a good mood.

Pining Away – N 33° 05.397 W 097° 02.052
Search GC9PHWW in the Geocaching App to find “Pining Away”  

 I was up high with a great view until I saw a sign and fell hard.

Orange You Glad – N 33° 05.650 W 097° 03.390
Search GC9PHPG in the Geocaching App to find “Orange You Glad” 

 I'm round, orange and down to earth. I'm hiding so no one mistakes me for a juicy snack!

Hanging Out – N 33° 05.585 W 097° 01.835
Search GC9PHNQ in the Geocaching App to find “Hanging Out”  

 I sleep by day and fly by night but have no feathers to aid my flight.

Shelldon's Shellter – N 33° 05.454 W 097° 03.108
Search GC9PHX7 in the Geocaching App to find “Shelldon's Shellter”  

 I carry my house upon my back and leave behind a silvery track.

Please email with any City of Highland Village geocache issues.

Bugging Around Family Pic 2