Yard Waste

Highland Village is an environmentally conscious community. Yard waste is collected on Mondays so it can be composted. Please follow these guidelines with your yard waste:
  • Place grass, yard trimmings, and leaves in brown paper craft bags or a rubbish container(s). If using a rubbish container(s) please remove the lid.
  • Do NOT place yard waste in plastic bags as they are not biodegradable.
  • Brush, twigs, and limbs must be bundled* in lengths of 4’ or less, weigh no more than 40 pounds (manageable for one person to pick up), and limbs/branches need to be 6" or less in diameter.
  • A limit of three cubic yards of yard refuse, per residence, per week, is allowed (three cubic yards would be equivalent to filling up the bed of a pickup truck).
  • Do not include stones, rocks, or dirt with the yard waste recycling.
Any items larger, or exceeding the acceptable limit, that needs to be disposed of is the responsibility of the homeowner.

*Bundled - A group of objects held together by tying or wrapping (use any recyclable material, ex. twine). Items bundled with plastic will not be picked up.